Legacy (Live at PaRiSoMa)

from by Alexander Shen



My mama say what's wrong with you
How come you don't have a wife yet
Your brother has two
He lives in Utah
The whitest people you ever saw (just kidding!)
My mama say why got to be so picky?
All she has to be is a lady!
With two working ovaries
Doesn't matter the size of her mammaries

They don't care about her face
They don't care about her race
As long as she's Chinese
And they don't care where she's from
And they don't care if she's dumb
As long as she produces a son

My mama say you have to preserve your legacy
She calls it Chinese destiny
She says it's in your blood
Just like how daddy and I are racist (so racist)

My mama say she wants to be my matchmaker
I tell her that's a social disaster
And I laugh, ha ha, hee hee hee
And she looks at me, throws away my tea
My mama say what about that girl
She's so pretty
I say that girl's in my extended family
She looks at me with a frown
She says that second cousins do not count (true story!)

Doesn't matter about her family
Doesn't matter if she can't see
As long as she's with me
And they don't care if she's allergic
Or if she is a quadrapelegic
As long as she gives birth to a suen zi (that's Mandarin!)

Chorus x2


from My First Time EP, track released January 30, 2010
Guitar and Vocals - Alexander Shen
Laughter - Audience (it's not a laugh track, I swear)



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Alexander Shen San Ramon, California

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